The 5 Best Ways to Treat Your Skin This Winter

The 5 Best Ways to Treat Your Skin This Winter white pearl medical spa des plaines IL

As the body’s largest organ, many problems manifest in the skin. During different seasons of the year, people must explore new skincare routines to prevent dehydration. Cracked and flaky skin due to lack of moisture can look dreadful. Anyone wanting to refresh their face and the rest of their body with a winter skincare routine will benefit from the information included in this short guide.

Give Your Skin a Seasonal Makeover

​The harsh cold of winter paired with the drying heaters people experience indoors wreak havoc on their skin. Men and women alike benefit from a change in the skincare routine. During the other seasons of the year, moisturization is important but not as vital as it is during the coldest days. According to WebMD, eczema becomes a big problem for some people whose skin is red and inflamed due to the cold weather.

The five best ways for people to treat their skin this winter include:

  1. Drink lots of water. Being even a small percentage dehydrated makes people poor decision-makers. Instead of grabbing a caffeinated beverage, some men and women opt to drink tall glasses of H2O instead. It helps their skin flush out built-up impurities, so they don’t manifest into big skin problems later.
  2. Use a thick, creamy overnight moisturizer. People should slather it onto their faces and wait for the skin to soak up every drop of nourishing ingredients put into the formula. Once they have, they’ll know their skin is feeling better despite the harsh conditions outdoors.
  3. Invest in a dehumidifier for the home, especially for the bedroom. It puts moisture back into the air after the heater has dried it out. It’s a solution that works well for indoor spaces, including workplaces. It helps in the bedroom because it’s a place where people go to rest and relax but often find themselves dehydrated because of the indoor air quality.
  4. Use sunscreen on your face and hands. Winter is all the more reason to wear sunscreen. The reflective nature of the snow on the ground can make the sun’s beams even more powerful. People should try putting on sun protection at least 30 minutes before venturing outdoors.
  5. Avoid putting on wet gloves and socks. Frostbite can take place within seconds in the right weather conditions. Men and women should always put on dry clothing and make sure that their hands and feet are entirely dry themselves before slipping on a new pair of gloves or socks.

Everyday Health also reminds its readers that lukewarm showers are better than hot showers during the winter. Five to ten minutes in lower-temperature water prevents the skin from overheating and drying out. It’s an option that people should consider if they’re used to taking really hot showers and baths and experiencing skin issues.

Treat Your Skin to Premium Professional Skincare Today

Men and women can contact our White Pearl Medical Spa for other outstanding tips for keeping their skin soft and supple this winter. The more TLC, a person, gives themselves, the better results they’ll see. Treating their skin with care is imperative because it impacts their physical and mental health. When a person looks good, they feel good, too.

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