Skin Resurfacing Highland Park

Skin Resurfacing Highland Park

What Is Plasma Skin Resurfacing?

Opus Plasma is performed with a topical anesthetic. It is a quick 15-minute procedure.

This process mostly uses a laser and is the most dramatic non-surgical procedure to repair and renew the skin which will address a wide variety of skin concerns. 

Opus Plasma is a non-surgical skin renewal procedure that uses a laser and is performed with a topical anesthetic. It can address a wide range of skin concerns and helps in achieving radiant, glowing, and flawless skin.

During the procedure, a pattern of microscopic injuries is created to the skin, which stimulates a healing response from the skin to repair itself.

Opus Plasma requires 50% less downtime than other resurfacing technology. 

Best for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Surgical scars
  • Stretch marks


So, if you are interested in Plasma Skin Resurfacing near Highland Park, contact White Pearl Medical Spa without hesitation.

Our medical professionals will inform you about all the pre-treatment procedures and provide aftercare instructions after the treatment.

Why Should You Do Opus Plasma?

Opus Plasma takes the widely accepted science of fractional skin resurfacing and advances it by using a new and innovative energy source – Plasma, thereby improving the patient experience.

With Opus Plasma you can enjoy fractional skin resurfacing results with much less downtime than traditional methods such as the CO2 laser, Fraxel, and micro-needling. 

Opus Plasma is the first fractional skin resurfacing technique that can effectively treat darker skin types.

Unlike traditional laser resurfacing, the technology used doesn’t have the same limitations, making it possible to treat the entire range of skin tones.

How to prepare for Opus Plasma?

There is little to zero difference between the preparation of opus plasma and other cosmetic facial procedures.

We recommend the below points:

  • Avoid Accutane for at least 6 months
  • Avoid laser treatments and sun exposure for about 2 weeks
  • Increase water intake
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for approximately 5 days before the treatment
  • Three days before the treatment, stop using any exfoliating or peeling products that remove layers of skin


If you have a darker skin tone, experience cold sores, or want to avoid bruising, consult with the medical professional who will perform the treatment to ensure you are prepared. 

On the day of the treatment, ensure the below bullets: 

  • Avoid using creams, lotions, makeup, or deodorant
  • Ensure your face is freshly cleansed. 
  • Let the medical professional know of any recent changes or concerns with your skin.


It’s also advised to have a nutritious meal and drink sufficient water two hours before the appointment.

What Is The Result Of Opus Plasma?

Once complete treatment is done, you’ll notice a more youthful appearance with improved vibrancy and firmness.

However, final results may take up to 3 months to be fully apparent. Since Opus Plasma stimulates collagen production in your body, your outcomes will continue to enhance as collagen production continues.

Although a single Opus Plasma treatment produces impressive results, we advise you to undergo 3 sessions spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart to achieve more significant improvement.

Skin Resurfacing FAQ

Opus is an effective treatment for all areas of the face, including the neck, breasts, decolletage, and hands, as well as for stretch marks, scars, and other skin defects.

Opus Plasma is a quick, 15-minute outpatient treatment usually performed following the application of a topical anesthetic. 

During your consultation, your practitioner will assess your skin to personalize the best treatment plan for you. While you’ll begin to enjoy noticeable improvements following your first treatment, 2 to 3 treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

The level of discomfort during the treatment may vary depending on your treatment plan. Your practitioner may suggest applying a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area before the procedure, reducing any potential discomfort.

The duration of downtime after the treatment will also vary based on your practitioner’s treatment plan. 

According to a clinical study, Opus Plasma requires 50% less downtime compared to traditional fractional skin resurfacing techniques that use a laser. 

If moderate settings are used, downtime is minimal, with mild to moderate redness and swelling lasting between 24 to 48 hours, which is not significant enough to interfere with your daily activities.

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