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Our team of highly trained medical experts offers the most advanced and innovative treatments at White Pearl Med Spa. Our goal is to get to know all about your needs so we can craft the ideal treatment plan to help you reach them. “Our focus is geared toward not only delivering transformational results but also providing optimal satisfaction for our patients.”

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Margaret has been practicing as a board-certified Physician Assistant since 2012. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona. She then obtained her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree from A.T. Still University. Margaret has 10 years of experience as a surgical PA working in the field of Urology. She is excited to use her surgical skills combined with her love of skincare and aesthetics to enhance her patient’s natural beauty. She has completed extensive training in neuromodulators (Botox), fillers including HA fillers and Radiesse, and PRP/PRF.

Margaret puts an emphasis on safety and wants her patients to feel more refreshed and confident. Her attention to detail is what leads to her patient’s satisfaction. In addition to performing aesthetic injections, Margaret also provides weight loss services at White Pearl Med Spa. Her interest in health and nutrition has led her to ongoing research and education in the field of weight loss. She strives to provide each patient with a customized plan that will lead to sustainable results. Margaret was born and raised in the Chicago area. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, doing yoga or exploring new restaurants.

These services will leave your skin looking more youthful and natural.

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Nestor is a national and international trained aesthetic injector and has been in the industry of aesthetics since 2019. Nestor was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. After his family relocated to Chicago, they all eventually settled down in the Northwest Suburbs. He attended Northern Illinois University where he obtained his BSN. After graduation, he worked under the supervision of a cardio vascular surgeons who performed Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) and Sclerotherapy for 5 years . That’s when he discovered how important is the use of energy in conjunction with other adjunct therapies to achieve an improved look for varicose legs, which he will then incorporate into his aesthetic approach. In addition to working with a cardiovascular surgeon, he worked most of his nursing career caring for adults and pediatric populations in the Emergency and intensive care departments. Eventually, he obtained his MSN through Grand Canyon University. In the world of aesthetics, when performing a client consultation, Nestor’s stance is: “I must always set a baseline - a realistic and achievable expectations. Additionally, in the same way that we have compliant and non-compliant patients, we also identify and categorize good and Not good candidate for these type of procedures.” “I do not hesitate to turn clients away whose expectations are unrealistic or who aren’t willing to invest the time and dedication in themselves. In addition to setting up realistic expectations, I look at the client’s face (skin, texture, wrinkles, dis-chromias, asymmetries) and their context (drinking and smoking habits etc) as one. This approach allows me to identify the proper approach to potentially achieve the client’s desired outcome. However, it doesn’t mean that injections and energy therapies are for everyone.”

Nestor’s commitment: “Unfortunately as we age, we all lose elastin and collagen while the fat pads in our face become smaller and slide down due to the lack of support. As injectors it is our duty to remember that results may vary from client to client and not all clients are appropriate candidates for injectables or energy therapies. Having said that, energy, neurotoxins and fillers/implants are a great way to achieve a younger, refreshed and hydrated complexion without the downtime of surgery.” “We can also achieve a more harmonious and symmetrical look while protecting and preserving the essence and individual characteristics that makes each of us unique.”




Tamie performs many of the initial consultations for our med spa services and helps coordinate both scheduling and service requirements for patients. She works closely with every member of our medical team to provide a satisfactory experience and makes sure your treatment goes seamlessly. Tamie has been a licensed aesthetician since 2012 and a certified laser technician since 2020. She is experienced in laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, microneedling, HydraFacials®, and chemical peels of varying strengths. With her product knowledge and understanding of the science behind your skin, she can perform facial treatments specified to your needs.




Raechel Stebbins serves as a laser technician and aesthetician at White Pearl Med Spa. She attended the Cosmetology Spa Institute in Schaumburg, IL where she earned her credentials. Raechel performs several different laser-assisted treatments, such as hair removal, acne scar treatment, skin resurfacing for various skin issues (dark spots, sun spots, age spots, spider veins, rosacea, etc.), and skin rejuvenation. She also performs microneedling and HydraFacials to improve the overall health and texture of your skin. She has a keen interest in and passion for lasers of all types. Raechel also loves educating and guiding clients with their overall skin care and beauty goals and needs.



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