Can Liposuction Help Me Reach My Weight Loss Goals?

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If it seems like diet and exercise have gotten you as far as they’re going to – but you still have stubborn pockets of fat that are preventing you from reaching your ultimate goal weight – it may be time to consider your options for minimally invasive fat removal. At White Pearl Med Spa in Des Plaines, IL, double board-certified physician Dr. Philip Conrardy helps patients remove stubborn fat more easily than ever with tumescent liposuction. Review the information below to better understand how tumescent liposuction works, what makes it different than traditional liposuction, and how many pounds you can expect to drop with this popular and effective body contouring solution.

What is tumescent liposuction?

Sometimes called awake liposuction, tumescent lipo is a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that is performed using local anesthesia, making it more convenient, less uncomfortable, and less risky compared with traditional liposuction. During tumescent lipo at White Pearl Med Spa, Dr. Conrardy injects a specialized tumescent solution into the target treatment areas. This helps to numb the tissues, dislodge fat cells, and make stubborn fat easier to access and extract. A handheld wand (cannula) is then inserted through a tiny incision near the target treatment site, and unwanted fat cells are removed using liposuction. At the conclusion of the case, the incisions are closed with fine sutures, and compression garments are placed over the treatment areas to minimize swelling and encourage smooth, even, optimal healing.

Where can tumescent liposuction be used?

Some of the most common treatment areas for tumescent lipo include:

  • Under the chin
  • Male chest
  • Upper arms
  • Upper back
  • Abdomen/stomach
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees

Will I lose weight after tumescent lipo?

First and foremost, patients should understand that neither liposuction nor tumescent liposuction is designed as a substitute for diet and exercise. Ideal candidates for tumescent lipo should already be at or near their goal weight, having made a dedicated effort with diet and exercise but still have small problem areas of stubborn or bulging fat. With that said, it is certainly possible to lose some amount of weight and fine-tune your figure with tumescent liposuction. During a single tumescent liposuction procedure, Dr. Conrardy can remove up to 4 – 5 liters of fat, which equates to about ten pounds. For most patients, the loss of inches and drop in clothing size are more noticeable than a change on the scale.

Is tumescent lipo permanent?

Tumescent liposuction, like traditional liposuction, offers patients the opportunity to remove stubborn fat cells from the body. However, with either procedure, patients must be committed to maintaining a consistent weight after treatment, as gaining weight after liposuction can generate new fat cells and cause the remaining fat cells to become enlarged.

With a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a stable weight after tumescent liposuction, you can enjoy your trim new look for years to come.

Complete your weight loss transformation with tumescent liposuction in Des Plaines, IL

If it feels like your weight loss progress has plateaued, fat reduction with minimally invasive tumescent liposuction may be right for you. Take the first step toward finishing your weight loss journey by calling White Pearl Med Spa in Des Plaines, IL to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation with double board-certified physician Dr. Philip Conrardy today.

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